Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Swap Alert: Patty from Colours Dekor

Patty from Colours Dekor needs no introduction. Patty is such a lively and friendly person, that from the first exchange of emails she has always been Patty to me and never Patricia. Her energy to do all that she does amazes me! And so will you, when you see some of the activities she manages to pull off with a full time job and 2 kids!! Over to you Patty......

Go here to read more about the SHP blogger-ME on Patty's blog.

Hello my lovelies…. I’m guessing most of you already know a little bit about me… So here I am trying to tell you a little more… I’m Patricia Torres from Colours Dekor…. My heart lies in cleaning, clearing, sorting & beautifying my abode. When I’m not doing this, I’m either at work ~ I work in the finance department and am an accountant by profession….. or am spending time with my hubby & girls. We try and do everything together!! … No!! No!! Not me & my hubby… Me and my girls… from homework, studies, to dancing, singing on the top of our lungs... star gazing, playing, gardening, cleaning, small DIYs, paint jobs, art & craft… The list is endless.. The two of them keep me on my toes all the time… so so demanding… its unbelievable!!

My blog ~ Colours Dekor is a journal of happenings in my household… the little changes I make to make my everyday living gorgeous… The peacock above is one of my favourite wall paintings... It was the first time ever... we tried something so dramatic... It turned out looking gorgeous... so I totally love it!! I'm hoping to get my act together.. and do a painting on the walls of my new home... soon... *sigh*
I simply love going away on holidays.. be it away from Dubai for a weekend or a longer holiday somewhere far… Have you seen my travel blog ~ Amit Patty?? It talks about how I'm such a child at heart.. and love my jeans & t-shirts and running into the woods… *smiles* only if!! I’m a wannabe interior designer, photographer, painter, singer, musician... ….. and a lot more….

I share my blog with a team of décor, design & DIY gurus!! Really!! Let me introduce you to Anpu.. I call her Anu!! And she is a super talented IT Geek… Her posts talk about embriodary & stitching, pottery, DIYs, etc… She shows off her creativity at Colours Dekor and her passion lies in needlework, sewing, painting, pottery, cooking, gardening & desigining jewellery… I can assure you… that she will leave you spell bound with her lovely posts..

Lastly… I host a weekly wrap up party… coz I’m crazy about weekends.. and I do more at weekends than during the week… So come join in the Weekend Wrap up which is on for three days starting Monday morning….

Thank you Divs… for having me at your blog.. and thank you all for reading a little about me… Hope you hop on to Colours Dekor.. and don’t forget to say ‘hello’…..


Sudha said...

I am falling in ;love with blog swaps...gimmemore!!

Anpu said...

Lovely lovely - Love you gals, Love that painting, Love the lotus, Love the lights and that gorgeous bench...:-)

Deepi's World said...

Love the photograps there is a freshness in your work Patty!

Love it!!

Rekha said...

Loved the Blog Swap idea..nice read..

Rohini Kummitha said...

You are a bundle of talent and energy Patricia..
Good to know that you have so much fun with your girls :)

purplehomes said...

lovely as expected Patty :)

Karena said...

Patty I adore your site and the Peacock is fabulous!! Wonderful to know more about you!!

Art by Karena

sapna said...

i feel so connected with you right now since i also like doing the same back at my place. it feels as if i am thinking 24X7 as to how much more beautiful can make my little world. will look forward to more of your posts.

all the best