Monday, October 10, 2011

The Art of Stenciling

As all of you who've read this post, know how much I love going beyond just dabbing some color on walls. Here is some gorgeous stencil inspiration (To be specific, inspired by India pied a terre via Pinterest), that has been making me wish I didn't live in a rental.

Over the past 2 years, with great delight, I've followed Maryam setting up of her boutique hotel 'Peacock Pavilions'. I love how she has stenciled Moroccan patterns in so many innovative ways with absolutely gorgeous results.

A stenciled staircase

Ceiling and Floors

And even stenciled placemats!

Here's some more inspiration from Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio responsible for several of the stencil projects featured above at Peacock Pavilions.

This lovely stencil design called the 'Gujarat Indian Border' was on sale the last time I checked. I need to mention that the colors used here also have lovely names- China Blue, Bengal Rose, Indian Purple and Agapanthus.

Leaving you with one last image...
 I had a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends. Hope yours was as good?


purplehomes said...

loved your post. And what timing..I am off to a meeting with a client for a pilot of a product very similar to this, handmade by rural women. fingers crossed.

Emreen said...

Wow Divya... Gorgeous stencil designs... Love the Gujarat border and the blue ones...!!! Lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Divya,
Thank you for posting about stencils and painting! I got a bunch of Moroccan and Indian stencils from Royal Design Studio to paint in Chennai. I was painting samples earlier today and now got the kids who are hanging around today (school is out because of the rain) interested and helping! Fun!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely ,indeed and great draw something we actually cut stencils and then draw and colour.but if this is there then the job is easy.

padmaja said...

The designs have made this home very special Divya, it is a cool and original idea to do it on the steps.