Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the winner is.....

.... Ratzzz!! Please find her comment below,

I was down with Viral fever and hospitalized. Came back home, opened Google reader and found this. What more can i ask for the Guy in my life who spent all his waking hours with me in the hospital, forsaking his office and friends.. :)

Cause I love the way he looks in Kurtas -

Oh he is a big time Party guy, hence this -->


Congratulations Ratzzz! Krithika and I are glad it was  Ratzzz, her husband definitely deserves a gift for having taken such good care of her when she was hospitalized. Congrats 'Hubby Ratzzz!'

1 comment:

Ratzzz said...

Just Checked mail! Thanks a ton...

Just a correction. It is my BF. Not my Husband, yet.. :)

Thanks again!