Friday, January 20, 2012

Is An All Black Apartment the Answer?

I'm quite bored with the all-white-apartment-with-splashes-of-color look that has been omnipresent for the last two years or more. It has moved from being a design trend to a design staple, and it is now high time that it reached the 'Oh SO passé!' stage.

Here's a rather unusual and exotic answer- An all-black space owned by the TED speaker and international advertising consultant Cindy Gallop. I'm not quite sure if I like this as an alternative. What do you think? It used to be a Y, and her apartment was the swimming pool!

An interesting end note- Cindy Gallop also spearheaded a rather fascinating project, IfWeRanTheWorld. A real-world experiment in tapping good intentions and turning them into tangible, do-able microactions. As the site states- All of us can achieve more than one of us, and everything starts with a microaction. 
On that note of a belief in a greater good, I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead!


Designwali said...

like your new blog design!

GB said...

Don't care about the taxidermy all over, but I can understand the appeal of going bold. Totally agree with you on white with pops of color being passe...I'm SO over the all white spaces, those white floors and walls and furnishings are so predictable now. What I'm loving though, is real, "undecorated" spaces on blogs like AT, the selby, and FvF. they seem far more organic and less "manufactured" for the lens.

Loved this post. :)

indian yarn said...

Glossy black walls that shines off the light looks sleek.

There is only one perfect black, but various shades of white!

Sound Horn Please said...

@Indian Yarn- True! If I had to choose, I still prefer the all-white interiors look over the all-black one. White always makes a room look bigger and more airy. But I'm rather bored of the trend. I think it's time to move on- particularly from the trend where every aspect of your home is white- floor, walls, sofa, cupboards.

Patricia Torres said...

I dont know about all black... really.. But I've seen a black wall.. in a friends home.. and I tell you.. its super impressive!! Maybe.. you can move from all white.. to a little beige.. creame.. or light grey.. or silver.. but All black.. is a bit drastic.. (for me astleast) :-)