Sunday, August 22, 2010

Claude Monet's House

Monet's paintings are famous.. but few of us know about Claude Monet's beautiful home, in Giverny, France that has been an inspiration for his paintings.

Monet's sunny yellow dining room. The fact that almost every surface in the room is painted YELLOW could have come off as being too much, but somehow they offset beautifully with the red and white tiled floor. The Japanese woodblock prints that Monet loved, hung on the walls. Monet collected over 230 prints during his lifetime!
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The yellow dining room leads to a Blue kitchen... Blue Norman tiles, Terracotta floor tiles and burnished Copper pots and pans. <Sigh> How I would love to cook in such a warm and bright kitchen!
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Monet's colorful bedroom: Check out the lovely view. I could wake up to this every morning :)
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The exterior: Pink stucco. I am loving the creepers! I would have never thought of pink and green as a good colour combination.
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More green! The green porch to match the green window shutters
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I unfortunately couldn't find a good photo online of Monet's lovely studio where he has hung paintings in rigid straight lines. Giverny, France is definitely on my vacation destination list!



GB said...

Hello There Divya!! thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I love your header...and I'm off to browse your drop in and say hi as well, I'll be doing another home-tour tomorrow!

GB said...

okay, I used to do the same with "inside outside" subscriptions!!! 40:100. :) Is the magazine still as good as it was back then? :)

Sound Horn Please said...

Thanks for the compliment GB :)

No idea, about the current subscription rates of Inside Outside- I moved to New York a few years ago and its been a move to Elle Decor ever since.

Great! I always love house tours! Will check in tomorrow...

Bedazzled said...

lovely spaces.. welcome to the world of blogging !

Free Woman said...

Giverny was on my list of 'Places to Visit' for the lily pond & garden. Did not know his house was as interesting! Thanks for the info!

Sound Horn Please said...

@ Free Woman- I didn't know about the house until recently either. Keep visiting!

Ammu said...

ND :)
I love the yellow color scheme in his dining room. The closest i have come to is getting my dad to approve a butterscotch color for our interior walls

Sound Horn Please said...

@Ammu: I love it too! And I love how the yellow dining room leads to a blue kitchen :)

Patricia Torres said...

Gosh.. Loved that kitchen.. And the first pic.. i cant seem to put two frames on one wall.. :-(

Sound Horn Please said...

@ Patricia: Thanks for dropping by- very kicked :) And I fell in love with the kitchen too... and the dining room.. and his garden!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

I am absolutely in love with that kitchen!