Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indian Folk Art Market

Check out this wonderful article in the New York Times. I attended the Indian Folk Art Market at the Asia Society mentioned in the article. Not only, did I get to see Kakuben Lalabhai Parmar, I got to interact with some of the artisans :)

As can be noticed here on the right side of the pic above, each of the stands had an explanation of the traditional indian art/craft that it represented.

Traditional methods like Kalamkari, we all know about, but there are some others that I came across that I'm going to chronicle here over a series of blog posts.

 And here is what I bought as my take home!
 Cowrie shell prwettee bangles!


Anonymous said...

Those bangles look so lovely!! Is there any store here is US where I can pick up some??

Good work with the blog, inspiration everyday! :)

Sound Horn Please said...

@ M, Sorry for the delay! Not sure how I missed replying to you! Not sure if they can be bought here, the SEWA folks who were here from India were selling it. But if I see them here, I'll definitely keep you posted!

Patricia Torres said...

This is a lovely lovely post!!