Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artist Profile: Ganga Kadakia

Growing up in a family connected to the film industry meant Ganga Kadakia grew up in a creatively charged household. This naturally lead to her pursuing arts academically and professionally. And her upbring clearly shows in her phenomenal creative output. Some of which I have attempted to feature here today.

From the 'Muzik Enchanted India' exhibition at JW Marriot Hotel, Mumbai

Ganga considers herself a free soul and hence finds multimedia the least restrictive medium. Don't you love the vibrant colours?

Here are 2 paintings Ganga painted for the 2003 Kala Ghoda festival, painting from black and white movie stills. These pieces were finally bought by an un-namable celebrity living in LA ;)
Doesn't it look like Dharmendra is throwing furtive glances at a blushing Hema here? Sorry Ganga, lets attribute this observation to the die hard romantic in me ;)

Bowled over as yet? Ganga is a JJ School of Arts dropout and a self-taught artist! She has held exhibitions in several major Indian cities, New York's famous Chelsea art scene, the Barcelona Museum in Spain and Dubai. 

She has even had a painting auctioned by Christies to Vijay Malaya. Talk about creative geniuses requiring no formal education! She has had her work displayed alongside famous names such as, M.F. Hussain, Satish Gujral, Dhruvi Acharya and Anjloie Ela Menon. 

She also writes, illustrates and photographs. And has worked on collaborative art projects with celebrities such as Poonam Soni and Shobha De. 

Ganga's latest pet passion is 'functional art'. 
L: Fiber and metal lantern; R: Fiber stone light

Ganga's latest creative venture is a lifestyle store in Mumbai, Peacock Life. She started the venture with Landscape Artist Neelam Sagar and Interior Designer Shabnam Gupta. Hop here to know more about Ganga and here to know more about the store.

{Credit for All Images to Ganga Kadakia}


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