Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reveal Thyself!

Hellooo! I know I disappeared from here for a while. I haven't forgotten you, just desperately trying to come up for some air while I am drowning under work. Work/ Life balance you say? Sigh!

The Red Patang giveaway closed a few days ago, but I haven't picked a winner as yet. We have a few MIAs here. As you know the giveaway was only for readers from the US or Canada.

Rajat Puranik
Patrick Eliot
Kunal Patel
Shweta Amar

Rajat, Patrick, Kunal and Shweta if you are from the US or Canada please do write to me at soundhornplease [at] gmail [dot] com so that I can include you in the giveaway. I will wait till Monday, 11th April before I hear from you and will then declare the winner.

The sideboard above is a stained oak vintage piece from Alfred Hendrickx. 

Like it? I loved the idea of one of the doors being an abstract painting, but the wood stain reminded me of the cheap plywood vinyl kitchen cupboards that were popular in India not so long ago. Like it? Hate it? What gives?


Anonymous said...

I actually liked it mainly because its unique. Do you know what the material of the painting is? plastic?wood?cloth?I only problem i have with the wood is that the stain is not uniform between the three sides, making it look a bit tacky. But full marks for creativity.

GB said...

Wondering where you were! Regarding the sideboard: not something I'd bring home....I can definitely see the imitation cabinets in it.

Shanthi said...

Hey good to have you back. Was wondering what happened? I know the wood is not good. But may be the idea of having some paintings styled into furniture is not a bad idea.

Patricia Torres said...

oh my.. very unique!! Love the cabinet.. Are you all settled in your new place now??

Sudha said...

i like the painting on the cabinet...reminds me of wall art put up in shabana, smitha patil kind of art movies from the 80's..yum! tried to find a pic to relate to what i m saying..but coudlnt find one