Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creative Talent Profile: Rohini Kummitha

The Creative Talent Profile series is back with yet another contemporary artist(Remember the wonderfully talented Ganga Kadakia?)! 

Rohini Kummitha wrote to me saying- "Unlike many other artists, I didn't always know I would be an artist." Rohini, you will be surprised at the number of artists and entrepreneurs featured on this site who didn't either!

(The above painting is from Rohini's Sanskrit Art series)

Like many of us who haven't been wise enough to sit under a Bodhi tree or immerse ourselves in a bathtub, Rohini spent the first 24 years of her life being a software professional until she quit her job in 2009 to 'sail away from her safe harbor to explore, dream and discover'. 

Rohini is a self-taught visual artist working with an amazingly wide array of media like mixed-media, paint, photography and recycled art. 

Rohini's hand drawn Mahabharata artwork series took over 2 weeks to complete. I love how she has depicted the long epic so intricately!

A closer look at the work above

Some more of Rohini's unusual artwork
Top: Facebook status messages from her friend's list over a moth depicted visually
Bottom: Peacock created using a technique known as paper quilling (Paper quilling was a technique used by French and Italian monks during the renaissance to decorate religious books!)

Some work from Rohini's fantastic Three Six Five Project, 1 creative project every day of the year.

I am highlighting her installation work from the project here on SHP, as I think she grows great promise in this field.
Top: Art from Toilet Paper Rolls
Bottom: Wings of Knowledge

She also dabbles in photography- My personal favourite "Don't Hit Me" - Her ode to the erstwhile(?) practice in Indian schools to cane young students for failing to learn by rote.

I am usually quite curious to know what the home of an artist, photographer or anybody remotely creative  looks like. Aren't we all? And I wish all of them looked as gorgeous as Rohini's does!
(Rohini's Living Room Baithak)

Rohini is applying for her Masters in Integrated Visual Arts to expand her artwork in form and context- Sending you lots of Good Luck with that!

On a personal note- A BIG thank you for having so patiently waited for me to pack-move-unpack and write up this post (Rohini first wrote to me 1.5 months, so thanks again R!)

You can look up more from Rohini's portfolio on her Behance or Facebook pages.

{Image Credit for All Images to Rohini Kummitha}


Unknown said...

Lovely post...Thanks for sharing
Rohini - Your paintings/murals/artworks are beautiful. Kudos to follow your call. All the v best for you Masters...looking forward to seeing more of your stuff

Sudha said...

Lovely creations. Thanks for sharing.

My Dream Canvas said...

Wow this is fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Rohini's work is beautiful.

Rohini Kummitha said...

Thanks a bunch for featuring me on your site Divya :-) and for all those lovely words :D

@Anpu - Thank you so much for your wishes :)

@Sudha, Anu and My Pink Door - Thanks for your kind comments :)

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Fantastic Rohini!..Thanks a ton Divya for sharing :)

designchic said...

How beautiful...

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Beautiful! I'm in love with the living room of Rohini's! She is so wonderfully talented, I admire!
Thanks Divya for featuring her work, and for your comments when you dropped by my blog!! :)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Beautiful work !!! I enjoy creative profiles posts on your blog!!! Her living room looks gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Rohini's work is beyond gorgeous... Wonderful! Such a bundle of talent... We should be so proud of her!!

GB said...

Rohini--your work is awesome! Love your little baithak--speaks volumes of your personality!

Shanthi said...

What a profile and what an art. Wings of knowledge and Don't hit me - What novel ideas. Great find Divya. All the credit goes to you :-)