Thursday, October 21, 2010

500 B.C.

Having studied accessory design at The London Institute, Anandita Shah now designs handbags and accessories in India, but retails around the globe. The talented Anandita designs handbags under the label 500 B.C. The handbags are a wonderful mix of classiness and kitsch-iness.

I love the combination of the bamboo base, the silk border and the meenakari work clasp!

 I think the product line below is my personal fave- I have a weakness for raw silk clutches. I think of it as the 'Portrait Line', I'm sure Anandita has a far more creative term ;)
And its not just clutches, 500 BC also designs lovely bags
500 B.C. bags were featured in the NY Times 36 Hours in Mumbai section! I love the NY Times 36 hours series, and the Mumbai write up makes me want to revisit the city. Do read it.
Photo credit: Ruth Fremson for The New York Times
To catch a glimpse of more of 500 B.C's gorgeous clutches and to look up their retail locations across the globe, please visit their website.

I would like to thank Susan from Sans! who runs the blog 'The Dollhouse Diaries: My Maharaja's Palace' for the tip on 500 B.C. Her blog is one of my top favourite blogs- she blogs on her journey of creating miniature dollhouses and is a mind blowingly creative person. Oh! And Susan is luck enough to own a few of 500 B.C. clutches <sigh>

Also, sorry about the long delay between posts. I couldn't upload any of the photos yesterday, as Blogger seemed to be working on their server maintenance. 

Stay tuned for another Artist Profile tomorrow from the blogsphere... A demain!

Images credit to 500 B.C.


GB said...

I remember seeing Sans' collection of bags from 500BC...LOVE the meenakari clasps! swoon.

Kamini said...

I absolutely love the first two with the bamboo and silk! Perfect with a nice traditional silk sari! I have a bit of a raw silk thing it!

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

Very nice!

Bedazzled said...

I have no clue which ones are my fave!.... i LOVE LOVE LOVE them all !!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Oh, these are so fashionable! Have they been on the runways yet? Love your artists finds SHP!


Sans! said...

Divya, you are da best! :):)Thank you so much for your kind and way too generous compliments.

I am glad you love these bags too because I just couldn't leave Delhi without them :):). They remain till today, one of my top fav handbags and I was a handbag nut :):).

These pics are great! I don't think I have seen them anywhere else :) I too love the bamboo ones :).

purplehomes said...

awesome find! me too me too..raw silk rules!

PreeOccupied said...

So beautiful...and unique.

Sound Horn Please said...

@Gagan, Kamini and Susan- I've seen some Raw silk and bamboo combo bags by Chettinad artists when I was in India earlier this year. But they were much simpler than Anandita's version (note- like the meenakari clasps!)

@Prachi- hahha..My sentiments exactly- Raw silk rules!

@Susan- You deserve all the compliments you can get.. I love your work :)

@Sharon- Thanks for the compliment. Not sure- but I agree, they are runway worthy!

@Pree- agreed!

@Priya- Thanks for dropping by!

My Pink Door said...

Divya - you're right! I do love these bags. In fact, I bought the striped one bag in Mumbai a few years ago - the very same!

Patricia Torres said...

oh my gosh.. Div.. such a gorgeous post.. Well done again!!