Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jonathan Adler Pottery

Jonathan Adler is one of my favourite pottery designers. You can read his wonderfully/funnily written bio here. I admire the simplicity and elegance of his designs, starkly captured in white.

I've realized I tend to write fairly long-ish posts. So, this time I'm going to shut up and let his beautiful artwork do the talking.

His Menagerie line


I loved this teapot called the 'Darjeeling teapot'

Loved the stuff so far? How about his cute Fishbox?

These mugs reminded me of Indian Madhubani paintings because of the way the suns have been personified.

Isn't the seamless way in which he has caught the buckling of the bull beautiful?

Isn't the Giraffe lamp truly gorgeous?

You can check out more of Adler's pottery and other designs at his website here.

I hope I've converted you guys into Adler fans too ;)

This pottery post also goes out to Prachi @ Purplehomes who's blog I've been a fan of, for a while now and recently her pottery skills too!

Have a GREAT weekend!

All images credit to Jonathan Adler.


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Delightful pieces. Loved all of them, but the little bump of a muscle on the male decanter totally had me in splits! Lovely find!:)

Nisha said...

You sure have..... Adler's work is gorgeous!!! Totally love the bull!

GB said...

LOVE it (again) the horse reminds me of a traditaional bankura somehow. the teapot is adorable!and the bucking bull bookend is genius! and I hadn't spotted the muscle bump till sharon pointed it out--very popeye! :)

Sans! said...

Hi Divya :);), my fav has to be the Darjeeling teapot! Although I suspect it is only good for a cup? Looks so tiny , I may even just use it as a tea cup ..hehe! The "muscle man" decanter cracked me up big time. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, may I ask you something? Do you know why bells are used to decorate some furniture? I found some old Kutch dowry chest with bells at the bottom. Have also seen them in some pooja cupboards . Is it just for the melodic sounds ? Or is there some significance?


purplehomes said...

Hey, Thanks for the sweet mention. Now you've got me totally blushing:) Glad you liked my work! The fishbox & the giraffe lamp just have to be my fav ones!

Sound Horn Please said...

@Sharon- I didn't even notice that! hahahahha.. you have such a good eye!

@Nisha- Nice to see you here :)

@Gb- I hadn't spotted it either- sharon has such a good eye right? I didn't know what Bankura menat and googled it to find a lengthy wiki entry on some municipality in Bengal. Does Bankura refer to terracotta animals?

@Susan- Thats my fave too! And I agree guess its just for pwettyness.

@Prachi- you are welcome!

Enterprise Mobility Management said...

Models are nice see... design look beauty.. ilove it....

padmaja said...

Each creation is a master piece, I can feel the magic in the artist's hands, Lovely, thanks for introducing this amazing work!

PreeOccupied said...

So beautiful, love the elephants and the book end. I have just started pottery classes and this is so inspiring...

Patricia Torres said...

wow!! wow!! thats awesome!! I love the little elephant.. too cute.. i also like the hanging stuff.. super cute!