Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark your Calendars: The Tribe Debuts

Ever heard of a 'Traveling Store'? It brings to mind visions of colourful tents, gypsies and exotic items from faraway places. You got lucky! There is a Traveling Store opening in India. Each of their venues is chosen because it is unique to The Tribe's concept.

Where: FLECCK photograhy. 416 . laxmi plaza . laxmi industrial estate . new link road . mumbai - 400053.
When: Saturday, October 16 from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

For more details, visit The Tribe's Facebook page.

What appeals to me most about The Tribe, is that most of the artists featured are those who have pursued mainstream careers for over 10 years and are finally coming together to pursue their dreams. This is a dream that I know a lot of us have too. Even those of you who claim not to- I'm sure a whimsical part of you wishes you could drop it all to pursue your dream!

Artists/Products featured on their first show:
Bags by Peeps , Clothes by Lemon , Lights by Varsha Arya , Jewelry by Avantika , Home accessories by Meera Dabbir (Yes! The same talented Meera Dabir who was featured here before), Anklets by Gitanjali and Tarrot Readings by Komal.

Good Luck to all you talented people behind The Tribe!

Readers from Mumbai, do go and attend and let me know how lovely their 'concept store' is.


Karena said...

How very intriguing adore the necklace!!

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

Art by Karena

purplehomes said...

love the glam quotient..perfect for the festival season

Sans! said...

Divya, another great feature! Thank you!

Bedazzled said...

Sooper concept !! i so love the sequined dress and the necklace .. serious eye candy !

GB said...

Divya, that looks great!mmm --paisleys! :)

Sound Horn Please said...

@Prachi- yeah some of my posts make me wish I was in India. This is one of them And of course the fast approaching diwali that I celebrate with tea light candles :(

@Gagan- I know what you mean!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Divya, thank you for this. I do hope they come to Pune. :)

Aww that's so sad about your tealight diwali...but, but, but...knowing you, I am sure even that is super specially deco'd:) You have to share pics this year!:)

Turmericnspice said...

Thanks for visiting ...i just love the name of your blog...Am going to be a regular here.

I am excited that u were excited about tove and majgehuli. Yes i am from blr, karnataka.
happy blogging :)

Patricia Torres said...

awesome feature!!