Friday, November 19, 2010

Aarohi Singh: Bangalore Exhibition

Aarohi doesn't need any introduction, but for those of you might have not  paid attention to the desi kitsch wave in the Indian art scene, Aarohi is on top of that wave- riding high! I woke up this morning to the email that she is having an exhibition in Bangalore and regret that I couldn't attend filled my usually happy Friday :(

So instead, I'm writing this post. SHP's B'lore readers, please do go take a peek at her colourful hand-painted baltis, kettles, center tables and trunks and take some home. And for those of you in Madras, B'lore is a 3 hour train ride and its a trip worth making! Details below!

The hot pink of the poster should give you an indication of what's in store for you ;)

For more details of the exhibition and to take a look at Aarohi's unique artwork visit her blog, Art by Aarohi.

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