Monday, November 22, 2010

Pop Goes the Art: Nidhi Chopra

 Ever thought of breaking out of that boring 9-5 job and making it on your own someday? Well, Nidhi Chopra, then Karnavat, did exactly that. Armed with a graduate degree in Mass Media and a pop art painting she had made as a gift, Nidhi started 'Pop Goes The Art'. And take a look at how far she has come!

Send PGTA a photo of yourself or a loved one and you get a hand painted canvas a la Andy Warhol!

... Or hand painted personalized clocks 

Like the previous SHP post on 500 BC, here are some more kitschy bags! How dreamy is Madhubala?

These gorgeous laptop desks makes the prospect of spending long hours working on the laptop easier to bear.

How about some colourful cushion covers? I loved the colourful one on the evolution of means of transport and then given my Buddha fetish, of course the Buddha!

Love Indian kitsch? Here are some printed wall clocks. Don't you love the 2nd one? It doesn't have the usual images that we see everywhere defining what Indian kitsch is...

Loved all the eye candy? Hop on to Pop Goes The Art's website or Facebook page if you want to place an order or enquire about prices.

I'm leaving you with some lovely PGTA boxes, as a peek into tomorrow's post on my box fetish. Check back in tomorrow! The Lakshmi boxes are PGTA's latest Diwali launch. Order while still in stock!

{Photos credit to: Pop Goes The Art}


purplehomes said...

wow...i love getting to know about people who gave up everything they were doing to start on their own and we are talking about one talented lady here. Gorgeous stuff, lots of luck to you Nidhi.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely to know more and more artists .thanks dear

Anonymous said...

I love the cushion cover with the cycles and motors.. beautiful. Also the bags! They're all so vibrant. Thanks for sharing!

Kamini said...

Honestly not a fan of Indian kitsch...but definitely a fan of anyone who ditches their boring 9 to 5 job and follows their dreams and passions, cos I know how hard that is to do. More power to Nidhi and her colorful pop art work! I do love those Buddha boxes in the last pic, Divya!

Patricia Torres said...

those bags and cushions are gorgeous.. Im a huge fan of filmy stuff.. But I dont own anything... I love the burst of happy colours.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh man..madhubala bags and rekha cushions...these beauties still steal my heart :) What gorgeous works of arts.Lakshmi & buddha boxes are nice collectibles! Thanks so much for sharing Divya!
Hey u can get the hara channa at indian store!

Sans! said...

I am going to buy something from her :).