Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AA Living: Store Launch

We saw a Fair Trade organization at SHP earlier, today I bring you another, headed by a dynamic young entrepreneur. At 25, after 6 years of specializing in woven textiles in India and the UK, Rohina Anand returned home to launch AA Living.

While studying at the University of Leeds, Rohina wrote her dissertation on the cruelties of leather and the possible of modern alternatives. AA Living originated from this quest for cruelty-free alternatives to traditional materials.

AA Living positions itself in the 'ethical retailing' space, specializing in Cruelty Free products. Rohina launched the store during recession in a market already filled with price-conscious Indians. However, Rohina strives to surmount this by constantly introducing new product lines like a special yarn which retains the luster and lush texture of silk and is machine washable to boot! Or an antique leather finish on a range of wooden products.

“I’m not expecting a revolution against animal skin, but the focus and promise of new-age alternatives should be given a chance in India, especially with regard to its clear cut advantage of price, ethical standpoints and sustainability", concludes Rohina.

Head here to shop online or to get details of their store in Mumbai. You can also check out AA Living's Facebook page for updates and more photos.

SHP readers, to avail a 10% discount on AA Living's products, please print out this coupon before heading to the store.


GB said...

Alternatives to silk--that's an awesome idea!Especially if its machine washable.

... and I love the idea antique (faux)leather-finished furniture.

purplehomes said...

A great thought behind the store and great products to match!

Anonymous said...

Love it when young talent tries to make a difference! They have some great products on their website and facebook page!

Designwali said...


Geeta said...

Will check her site out and wish her all the best for her venture.

As usual another great pick from SHP. Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year.

Miss Stovetop said...

Absolutely elated to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Torres said...

hhuuummm.. thats a smart idea!! I'll check her store!! Another fabulous find!

Hope you have a rocking year ahead of you!

India pied a terre said...

Thank you for sharing this. I would absolutely support this business concept!