Monday, June 9, 2014

Sound Horn Please Feature: Kokum

I'm coming out of the woodwork to write about an incredibly talented designer, Roopa Rathi. Upfront declaration- she happens to be my sister- but that doesn't in anyway colour my appreciation for Kokum's work. It has been a pleasure watching her press the reset button on life, taking the vow to never be chained to a desk again, diving head first to making her dreams come true, taking baby steps in setting up her own brand, figuring out things like profit margins, minimum inventory requirements, shipping logistics, marketing, while at the sametime having to keep the creative fuel going.

Here's a glimpse of few of Kokum's recent collections,

The Summer Wedding Collection: A wedding collection that is refreshingly not about the bride.

L: A beautiful green georgette sari with gold lines running diagonally across it and with an orange kundan work border.
R: Georgette sari with broad shimmer work border.

L: Red coloured Pure Chiffon sari with gold badla work all through and a 4 inch long rose self- print at the base of the sari. The blouse is as seen in the picture and is a red and orange printed silk blouse.
R: An off-white jute silk sari with a red tussar silk border with off-white motifs on the border. 

L:  Banaras georgette sari in yellow colour with woven zari star motifs all through the sari. The sari has a broad violet and gold border with red piping.
R: Pashmina silk sarees in pink and blue

The Pink Marigold Collection: 
L: Orange chiffon pallu with hot pink banarasi pink pleats.
Center: Georgette sari with a cream polka dots skirt base with a hot pink pallu with sequins twinkling through.
R: Red Kota Silk saree with white checks interspersed through the saree. The saree has a copper woven zari border.


Series of georgettes and chiffons in varying hues from pastel lemon yellow to bright pink.

To check out more of her work please go here. The photos above are just a glimpse of the breadth of her work. The rest of the iceberg, hasn't been photographed before being sold. As I'd mentioned, Roopa is still learning the ropes in being an entrepreneur.

Good luck, Roopa! As with several people featured on SHP over the years, here's hoping that Kokum and you are extremely famous someday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Facebook Chapter....

Sound Horn Please is moving to Facebook.There. I said it. I got it out right in the first line, no more surprises in store, I promise.

As most of you know posts have been sporadic here for the last 2 years. As I've grappled with an increasingly hectic lifestyle, despite my best intentions it has been difficult for me to find the time to write up long, well-researched features. Anything less than that, and I always felt that I wasn't doing justice to SHP. Facebook never did feel right.

I finally realized that the world isn't so black and white. I missed the creative peeps who made up this world, missed the blog and interacting with all the people who read it and wrote in.

So, I found my small sliver of grey. I'm kickstarting SHP again, but as a Facebook page. I will be back here(the blog) once a month to spotlight everybody who's been featured on Facebook for the past month. And might be back more frequently than that, as I get back into the swing of things.

To cut a long story shot, it's Facebook folks.

Please Like Sound Horn Please's Facebook page for continued updates.

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See you on Facebook, peeps!

I will of course, continue to respond to everybody who writes in here.....