Sunday, December 9, 2012

And the Artnlight giveaway winner is.....

Neither Vineeta nor I expected such a tremendous response to the giveaway. So, we thought that everybody who participated, even if they didn't leave a comment, should have a shot at winning the gorgeous blue tray. So though it ended up being a little more work for us, we included all of Vineeta's Facebook friends who shared the giveaway on their personal pages, but didn't leave a comment and every new Like on the Artnlight page for the duration of the giveaway. 

We ended up with 227 entries. Yep, you read that right! We collated all the names, and cross checked the list to ensure that there weren't any overlaps and then finally used a random number generator, and it through up Surabhi Surendra. Congrats Surabhi!

I curiously clicked on Surabhi's name and ended up spending a good 15 mins reading through one of her blogs, Know Andamans- It's a treasure trove of information for people wanting to travel to Andamans. Surabhi- I think you've done an excellent job putting it all together. 

Vineeta sent me three posters that she'd designed as a personal thank you for everybody who participated in the giveaway. Like she asked me to, I'm picking two to post here, so here goes!

Vineeta and I would like to personally thank EACH and one of you for participating: Thank YOU so much!

This is not a plug, and Vineeta definitely didn't ask me to. I was so captivated by her new work, that I felt that it definitely deserved a shout out- Please go check out her new Rajasthan Royals here. 

Here's a peep,
 And if in Mumbai on December 10th and 11th, you can visit Vineeta Nair at the Christmas Bazaar @Blue Fog. Details here