Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Spring Colour

Popping in for a bit today, to wish you all more colour in your lives. How have you been?

The trees are finally in bloom here in New York. Bursts of white and pink add a dash of colour, as we zig-zag and jaywalk in a hurry. Also, the Indian Festival of Colours- Holi is still being celebrated by the Indian diaspora here spread out over several weekends.

Here's a dash of colour from my Pinterest board to celebrate sunshine + happiness...

Credit for the images in this post mostly goes to my fellow bloggers, please visit my Pinterest board here for the original sources.

The images might be a little cliched, be kind and put that down to a bout of nostalgia.

Until mid- May I will unfortunately be unable to blog regularly. However, I will still lurk and follow every post of all my favourite blogs- Addicted perhaps?