Friday, January 28, 2011

CSN Giveaway!

Hello SHP Readers! CSN has offered to giveaway a $35 gift voucher to SHP readers! It can be used at any of their stores or to shop online at their website. With what has been a relentless harsh winter hopefully melting away soon, please do check out their lovely swingsets.

The giveaway is open only to readers in the US and in Canada. However, please feel to free enter on behalf of a friend or relative living in North America.

Here are some of the lovely things from my CSN account wishlist....

Rules to entry:  A maximum of 4 entries per person.

1. Blog/Tweet/Facebook about the giveaway and post the link as a comment
2. Follow Sound Horn Please and leave a comment. If you are already an SHP follower, just leave a comment saying so.
3. Grab the SHP CSN Giveaway button on the top right of this page and put it on your blog linking it back to this post. Drop me a comment letting me know you have.
4. Leave a comment with a link to what you would buy if you win the giveaway!

The giveaway is open till Feb 14th. I will pick a winner on Valentine's day using a random generator tool.

Here is sending a lot of luck your way!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metal Trunks: Desi Style

Crate & Barrel is selling Metal Trunks! These brought on a wave of nostalgia for the rusted luggage trunks from back home. 

I know its a little hard to imagine incorporating these into the decor of our homes. But they do make great storage options.... 

Or perhaps they could work as a center table when piled on top of the other? Else paint them as our desi blogland DIY queen did....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artist Profile: Ganga Kadakia

Growing up in a family connected to the film industry meant Ganga Kadakia grew up in a creatively charged household. This naturally lead to her pursuing arts academically and professionally. And her upbring clearly shows in her phenomenal creative output. Some of which I have attempted to feature here today.

From the 'Muzik Enchanted India' exhibition at JW Marriot Hotel, Mumbai

Ganga considers herself a free soul and hence finds multimedia the least restrictive medium. Don't you love the vibrant colours?

Here are 2 paintings Ganga painted for the 2003 Kala Ghoda festival, painting from black and white movie stills. These pieces were finally bought by an un-namable celebrity living in LA ;)
Doesn't it look like Dharmendra is throwing furtive glances at a blushing Hema here? Sorry Ganga, lets attribute this observation to the die hard romantic in me ;)

Bowled over as yet? Ganga is a JJ School of Arts dropout and a self-taught artist! She has held exhibitions in several major Indian cities, New York's famous Chelsea art scene, the Barcelona Museum in Spain and Dubai. 

She has even had a painting auctioned by Christies to Vijay Malaya. Talk about creative geniuses requiring no formal education! She has had her work displayed alongside famous names such as, M.F. Hussain, Satish Gujral, Dhruvi Acharya and Anjloie Ela Menon. 

She also writes, illustrates and photographs. And has worked on collaborative art projects with celebrities such as Poonam Soni and Shobha De. 

Ganga's latest pet passion is 'functional art'. 
L: Fiber and metal lantern; R: Fiber stone light

Ganga's latest creative venture is a lifestyle store in Mumbai, Peacock Life. She started the venture with Landscape Artist Neelam Sagar and Interior Designer Shabnam Gupta. Hop here to know more about Ganga and here to know more about the store.

{Credit for All Images to Ganga Kadakia}

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show SHP some Facebook love?

Helloooo to all you wonderful readers who are sitting in front of a computer and reading this right now. I apologize for my absence for the past few days from the blog world. Work commitments and ensuing exhaustion took its toll.

I am reaching out to you today about SHP finally being on Facebook. See that small 'Find us on Facebook' widget on the right side bar of this page? I finally got around to creating a Facebook Page for Sound Horn Please!

Do visit it and 'Like' Sound Horn Please (I notice that some of you were very quick to spot the widget that popped up a week ago- Mucho thanks :) ). I plan to use the page to stay connected to all you wonderful readers- some of whom have become friends over the past few months. I look forward to getting to knowing you all better and having some wonderful conversations :)

See you here on Facebook! Sooon!

Stay tuned this week for an Artist Profile, A Guest Post and a slew of other posts!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Toy Art da India

I came across these cute Indian toys, by Brazilian designer Rique C Pereira, thanks to SHP reader Shubashree (Thanks Shuba!).

I usually write lengthy posts. So today- that's it from me folks! Aren't they adorable?

{Credit to Artist Rique C Pereira}

Here is wishing all of you a fun-filled relaxed weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Talent Profile: Priya Kuriyan

Priya Kuriyan, illustrator and animation film designer extraordinaire is a graduate from India's prestigious National Institute of Design(NID). She chose to specialise in animation film making at NID, and while developing characters and interesting scenarios for her films, she experimented widely artistically and developed a love for illustrations. This lead to her accomplishing the feat of illustrating her first book. for Tulika books, while still a student.

After a few years of working at an animation studio and later on the 2nd season of the Sesame Street Show, Priya decided to pursue a career as an independent film maker and illustrator. I know striking out on one's own requires courage, but when combined with a talent like Priya's, look at the phenomenal output that it has resulted in!

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Music CD Covers

Books for Unicef- The image below is a from a set of conversation charts for children in Indian villages. 

 Cards for Sandpiper Cards

Book Covers

And of course, her forte- Children book illustrations

Loved Priya's eye for detail, sense of colour and the depth of her work? Do check out more at her blog etcetra etcetra and more of her 'Drawings: Lost and Found' at her other blog, Notabene.

Before I go- Make your day and check out Priya's quirky video on the romance between Devdas and Paro here

{ Credit for illustrations and artistic output to Priya Kuriyan.  Please DO NOT copy }

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Like! You?

A rain forest scene in bas-relief porcelain tiles. The Marmouset Jungle cabinet by Jean Boggio. I love everything about the cabinet- the intricate work, the colour and do check out the brass monkey handle! Who thought porcelain relief could look this pretty eh?

A little OTT you think? A room center piece, I say!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What would you like to see on SHP?

Another year begins. Time to start afresh. Take a re-look at the year that was. Pause. Collect your thoughts. Focus. As these thoughts rattle in my head… I swiftly run past all of SHP’s posts, as it turns 5 months old.

As I broke out of my meditative thoughts, I recognized that it was hard to categorize SHP in the desi blog community. SHP doesn’t fall into the category of a pure decor blog, like all the blogs on my favourite list on this page. Neither is it a blog that is solely dedicated to featuring creative talent. And ummm.. well.. my love for art also creeps in, in the guise of artist profiles. Now, this seem a little bit of mish-mash to you?

My ruminations lead me to apprehend that SHP is more of reflection of ME- a little bit of design, a little bit of the designer behind that design and a little dab of color from an artist’s brush on SHP’s canvas. However, I believe that going forward SHP should be a reflection of YOU- the reader.

So, please let me know what YOU would like to see more of in 2011…

So, what do you think SHP’s lovely readers? Do I need to focus? Am I meandering off the path? Or do you want to maintain status quo?

I would really appreciate hearing all your ‘voices’, please do drop me a comment or vote(even if you have been silently/privately following the blog).

I look forward to an amazing year with all of you, brimming with meeting many many more wonderful people and their work along the way!