Monday, February 13, 2012

SHP Feature's: December Roundup

Look's like I'm always playing catch up! Here's some really cool sites to shop online, that were added to the Shop Indian page on SHP a while ago.

Aniika is an online bazaar that serves as a platform for emerging Indian design talent to build their brands. Though moored in Indian tradition, the site features designers with a contemporary and global feel. 
 L to R: Bollywood Masti Playing Cards by Chumbak, Purple Kada Bag by Darshana Baindur, Ganesha Key Head by Chumbak, Mid-day at Raniket- Acrylic Painting- by Chandrama Nath, Hadwoven antique Zari clutch from Kye, Brushed Silver with Pearl Earrings from Silverphish

Aniika was co-founded in October 2011 by  Shamim T and Meghana Rao, and has it's presence in the U.S. and India. Please go here to check out more of their lovely curated products, and links to the designers that create them.

Natural Mantra is India's 1st online store carrying only organic lifestyle products. It was founded by Nishant Nayak, who after returning from several years in the US found it difficult to continue his organic and green lifestyle in India.

Natural Mantra launched with providing natural baby-care products, the site has now expanded to covering all aspects of eco-living and home care. Please go take a peek at their unique products here.


Pret-Amoda was founded by Ritika Walia after she moved back to India in 2009 due to the economic meltdown in London. Pret-Amoda was finally realized in 2010 after several rounds of talks with leading designers.

The site features wares by several leading designers and makes Indian designers more accessible. Take a peek at the gorgeous stuff available on Pret- Amoda.

Indiologie was founded, in October 2011, by Preeti Reddy, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon who moved back to India recently after a few years of working as a management consultant at Bain & Company in the US. 

It all began in December 2010, when Preeti was working on an indie movie project, and realized  the struggle of independent filmmakers to get noticed is not much different from that of other independent creative people – that they were all getting buried under the barrage of marketing from local and international brands. As consumers, we were settling for the least common denominator – things that would appeal to the largest majority - variety, taste and creative flourishes be damned. 

So Preeti Reddy and her colleagues took their movie platform and extended it to be an indie platform, with the intent to bring together indie-minded people and collectively give a boost to the indie.

A look at the results of the wonderful initiative.

Please go here to see more of their products.

Nuteez is a cool new leisure-wear band selling women and men's tees, pants and shorts. It is nice to see that somebody is finally targeting this niche, which is most often been ignored. Please go here, to shop some new tees... ahem I meant Nuteez- Sorry that was a pun, I really couldn't resist! 

{Credit for all images goes to the respective sites and the designers who retail with the brands}