Friday, August 27, 2010

I would like to live here

Imagine waking up to the ocean every morning...
Imagine living perched on an outcrop jutting out into the sea...
Imagine being connected to the world via a suspension bridge 75 feet above the sea...

 Newquay, Cornwall, England

 What a lovely spot to sip your morning coffee or tea...

 ..... And to read

... And to paint

It's all yours for only $1.9 million here! Have a great weekend!

All images credit: Simon Burt for the New York Times

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sound Horn Please gets mentioned!

Gracias! Shukriya! Merci! (I have exhausted all the languages I am semi-fluent in!) Key Bunch for the blog mention and for making me feel so welcome! :)

Please read the entry here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

Crate & Barrel Batik Cabinet

What a lovely mix of the east and the west! I wish somebody would show me some love and send this my way <sigh>


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Claude Monet's House

Monet's paintings are famous.. but few of us know about Claude Monet's beautiful home, in Giverny, France that has been an inspiration for his paintings.

Monet's sunny yellow dining room. The fact that almost every surface in the room is painted YELLOW could have come off as being too much, but somehow they offset beautifully with the red and white tiled floor. The Japanese woodblock prints that Monet loved, hung on the walls. Monet collected over 230 prints during his lifetime!
Image credit:

The yellow dining room leads to a Blue kitchen... Blue Norman tiles, Terracotta floor tiles and burnished Copper pots and pans. <Sigh> How I would love to cook in such a warm and bright kitchen!
Image credit:

Monet's colorful bedroom: Check out the lovely view. I could wake up to this every morning :)
Image credit:

The exterior: Pink stucco. I am loving the creepers! I would have never thought of pink and green as a good colour combination.
 Image credit:

More green! The green porch to match the green window shutters
Image credit:

I unfortunately couldn't find a good photo online of Monet's lovely studio where he has hung paintings in rigid straight lines. Giverny, France is definitely on my vacation destination list!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indian Folk Art Market

Check out this wonderful article in the New York Times. I attended the Indian Folk Art Market at the Asia Society mentioned in the article. Not only, did I get to see Kakuben Lalabhai Parmar, I got to interact with some of the artisans :)

As can be noticed here on the right side of the pic above, each of the stands had an explanation of the traditional indian art/craft that it represented.

Traditional methods like Kalamkari, we all know about, but there are some others that I came across that I'm going to chronicle here over a series of blog posts.

 And here is what I bought as my take home!
 Cowrie shell prwettee bangles!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sound Horn Please

My first post! Hop. Skip. Jump. Happiness abounds. After gestating for months on silly aspects like header size and background colour, I'm finally writing! 

My first post had to of course be in line with the title of my blog, the ubiquitous 'Sound Horn Please' or 'Sound Horn OK' seen on Indian roads.  While trying to come up with a blog title- something that involved design but was still Indian at heart, the colourful Indian truck art is what went pop in my head!

 I LOVE the vibrancy on this one! 
Image credit: Vineeta Nair

 The harbinger of good luck in India-go mata

Vineeta Nair, the woman behind the blog 'artnlight', which I have been an ardent follower of, for a few years now, has posted wonderful, colourful, vibrant (phew! I've run out of adjectives!) images of truck art on the streets of Kerala and Mumbai. Check it out!

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