Thursday, July 28, 2011

SHP Feature:

This post was due a month ago. Krithika wrote to me when June was turning to July, asking me to feature Shopo. Though I gleefully agreed immediately, work and travel made my presence on blogland ephemeral. Krithika, I owe you an apology for having been so slow. To make it up, the list I promised is already on it's way ;) 

SHP readers- One by one I saw most my fellow bloggers fall in love and feature Shopo over the past month. So, hopefully all of you already know about and have shopped on Shopo (I definitely have!). Similarly, the next few posts will feature creative talent that you might have already seen on several blogs. But I made promises 1-2 months ago, and I plan to keep them :)


When I first came across Shopo, I found the logo design as striking as the products featured on the site. So when Krithika wrote to me, a copy of the logo was one of the first things I requested.

In Krithika's own words, "Shopo is what happens when a geek and a weirdo get together and decide to do something useful" India definitely needs more such creative, entrepreneurial geeks and weirdos to come together :)

The Weirdo: As Krithika Nelson likes to call herself!- Electronic media graduate-turned-stressed out TV and Radio exec-turned card designer. When she realized that her card design business needed a PR boost, she decided to take her business online and found a dearth of sites that she could sell on. I admire Krithika's entrepreneurial spirit- Instead of backing down when she hit an obstacle, she decided to turn the obstacle into an opportunity! Without a business background, Krithika did everything I was taught at MBA school to do :)

The Geek: Theyagarajan aka Taggy. Software engineer who lives by the code. Errr, not the moral kind, the software kind. 8 years of friendship, few months of research, a dozen designs, re-designs later Shopo was born.

And I spent a few moments thanking the greater powers at play that FINALLY there was one site that brought so many of my favourite designers together. So, let's discover India's Etsy together....

[Top to Bottom, L to R]: ArtesaniaKya Cheez Hai, Our very own Vineeta Nair from Artnlight (my personal fave from the Rajsthan series featured here), Mish Mash Designs(Another fave!), Santushti, Varnam (AND another fave!)

[Top to Bottom, L to R]: WorkshopQ, Ssara Design, Umoya, the lovely Kanika Bahl from Anek Designs, Terra, SheSells

[Top to Bottom, L to R]: Shoposwa, Well Paper, Haathi Chaap (Fave!), Sanchali (FAVE), Vandanas, New-Improved, Aarohi Singh (Another HUGE fave), Accede Fashionz.

Here are the new wonderful sellers with their handmade products who debuted this week on Shopo:

 [Top to Bottom, L to R]: Choco Philla, 22.2 Accessories, Colors of Culture, Tantrum Shoes, Kirukk

This was supposed to be a sneak peek into the new wares on Shopo. But a combination of 2 whole days out in a heat wave (the highest we've had since 1977!) and a day of getting wet in the rain, left me sneezing by the second and trying to keep a temperature down. Apologies Krithika!

Another few reasons why I'm bowled over by the Krithika & Taggy team:

1. They don't come from rich families. They left well paying jobs and faced months of no cash in flow to bring Shopo to life.

2. Every seller on Shopo has Krithika's direct number to rant and rave or express their concern- Another lesson I was taught in b-school- flat structure and an accessible top management.

3. Every shop on Shopo let's you contact the sellers directly- hoping bigger projects come their way..

Oh and don't forget to Follow Shopo on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!

{Image credit for all photos to Shopo and the individual sellers}


Loooongish post I know- Had to make up for my weeks of silence and the 2 more weeks of silence to follow. I will dive back feet first to blogland in Mid-August. Hopefully, I will be missed? 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Blogging...

I know I've been absent from SHP this week, instead I guest blogged at Designwali for her 'Oh no! We didn't...' series.

Go here to read all about my 'Oh no! We didn't moment'