Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aperitifs and Aniika: A Summer Trunk Show

It was when summer evenings had started getting chilly, that I received an invite from Meghana Rao- Aniika's founder and the behind-the-scenes tour de force

In the past year, a slew of websites selling Indian handmade products to a global audience have debuted. Among them, Aniika has been a firm favorite- I like Meghana's eye for the products she curates and that the designer products on the site don't leave you with a lousy feeling of being ripped off,  just because they've been priced in dollars. 

 The venue was the beautiful interiors of  Devi, one of Manhattan's premier Indian restaurants. Here are a few Aniika's beautifully crafted products that were showcased in Devi's balcony, among floor-to-ceiling paintings of Rajasthan royalty, Rajasthani marble pillars and jali windows, and intricately carved heavy wooden doors. 

A few more pieces of gorgeous jewelery...


My favourite....

Remember the gorgeous interiors that I'd mentioned earlier? My fingers were twitching to capture some of them with Meghana in the foreground. A tired Meghana, who'd waited post 9 pm at night, just so that I'd be able to wrap up work and come to the trunk show, refused to pose and so behind-the-scenes she remains until I cajole her the next time around ;)

If you haven't shopped at Aniika already, go take a look.