Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rest In Peace: Rique C Pereira

Some of you might remember my post last month on the Brazilian artist Rique C Pereira

A few days ago, Shanthi an SHP reader and Colours Dekor contributor called and let me know that he passed away last year. It is always sad when somebody so young is robbed of his life and his dreams. 

My deepest condolences to Ricque's family and friends.

I am going to keep it simple here...

Ricque, you will be in our prayers. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Sundeep aka Designwali bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award on SHP last month. THANK YOU S! I have so many things to thank you for :)

So, I decided I needed a break from....
Stubbing my toe on furniture that isn't where it is supposed to be... Ouch!
Picking my way through a minefield of cardboard boxes- Hahahaha- You thought I didn't see you lurking there you vile box?
And yet!
Landing on packed cardboard boxes, tearing them and having to re-pack...

Time Out! I need to get to my happy place... And that is YOU!

So, here are some random tidbits about me that I am supposed to spill out on being tagged...

1. I am a sucker- for a sob story. Give me a sad tale and you will find me parting with my money very easily... 

2. I like anything that has the words British and Entertainment attached to it- The Office (The Ricky Gervais one- Bah! Humbug! I say to Steve Carell), The Beatles, Liam Neeson, Yes Minister, Hugh Laurie, Agatha Christie, Helen Mirren, Fawlty Towers, Enid Blyton, The Rolling Stones... I rest my case!

3. I HATE sad endings. I cry(copiously) while reading, while watching movies. Ummm... Errr... I even cried while watching Billu Barber- This is a story for another day ;) 

4. I never say No. And this landed me in trouble constantly when in India. Most weekends I found myself in the predicament of having to call and cancel on a friend (and be met with a tirade or silence- the fire or the frying pan), because I had said yes to every plan and to every friend :|

5. I over commit. My enthusiasm far overshadows any ounce of practicality. I planned a white water rafting trip 2 weeks before my wedding! In hindsight, what was I thinking?!

6. I can handle complex operations on an excel sheet, but cannot do day-today math. Pssst! I majored in finance and even worked in investment banking! I quite frequently overpaid, got shortchanged until I landed in America and realized it ran on plastic money. Phew!

7. Brown and Grey are not colors... OH NO! They are what happens when you mix every color in the rainbow and that results in a big murky slush puddle in your palette. Yikes!

8. Time- Time is bent and skewed. It is a non-linear concept that I cannot grasp. Luckily, I have a dad you can set your clock by and a husband who arrives at a party when the host is still setting it up! The 2 men in my life ensure that I reach places at a decent hour, while I firmly believe that Puctuality is the virtue of the bored...

8 happens to be my lucky number- So, let me stop here and bid you goodbye....

I will drop by to say hello when I start unpacking boxes and setting up house...
Bye for now, while I hold that happy thought!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving Homes: Like It? Love It? Hate It?

Hello Everybody! I hope you've had a wonderful start to the week. I am moving apartments this weekend, so tied up with all the required activities and ensuing drama. Do you like moving? The husband hates it! But I love the fact that I get to set up house all over again and do things differently.

So, you will only see sporadic posts here on SHP over the next 2 weeks :(  I have a looooong list of posts to write up, so I promise to be back with a lot of eye candy and some interesting artists to meet.

I leave you with an image that I fell in love with last week...

Think its India eh? It is Uruguay! And well, the dog is staring at cows meandering outside. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

And The Winner Is......

It is Valentine's day today, and the CSN giveaway on SHP ends today. I used the random generator software here, to determine the winner. It is #45 Aubrey Laine.

AubreyLaine said...

I'd get the Chilewich Table Runner

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Swap Alert: Patty from Colours Dekor

Patty from Colours Dekor needs no introduction. Patty is such a lively and friendly person, that from the first exchange of emails she has always been Patty to me and never Patricia. Her energy to do all that she does amazes me! And so will you, when you see some of the activities she manages to pull off with a full time job and 2 kids!! Over to you Patty......

Go here to read more about the SHP blogger-ME on Patty's blog.

Hello my lovelies…. I’m guessing most of you already know a little bit about me… So here I am trying to tell you a little more… I’m Patricia Torres from Colours Dekor…. My heart lies in cleaning, clearing, sorting & beautifying my abode. When I’m not doing this, I’m either at work ~ I work in the finance department and am an accountant by profession….. or am spending time with my hubby & girls. We try and do everything together!! … No!! No!! Not me & my hubby… Me and my girls… from homework, studies, to dancing, singing on the top of our lungs... star gazing, playing, gardening, cleaning, small DIYs, paint jobs, art & craft… The list is endless.. The two of them keep me on my toes all the time… so so demanding… its unbelievable!!

My blog ~ Colours Dekor is a journal of happenings in my household… the little changes I make to make my everyday living gorgeous… The peacock above is one of my favourite wall paintings... It was the first time ever... we tried something so dramatic... It turned out looking gorgeous... so I totally love it!! I'm hoping to get my act together.. and do a painting on the walls of my new home... soon... *sigh*
I simply love going away on holidays.. be it away from Dubai for a weekend or a longer holiday somewhere far… Have you seen my travel blog ~ Amit Patty?? It talks about how I'm such a child at heart.. and love my jeans & t-shirts and running into the woods… *smiles* only if!! I’m a wannabe interior designer, photographer, painter, singer, musician... ….. and a lot more….

I share my blog with a team of décor, design & DIY gurus!! Really!! Let me introduce you to Anpu.. I call her Anu!! And she is a super talented IT Geek… Her posts talk about embriodary & stitching, pottery, DIYs, etc… She shows off her creativity at Colours Dekor and her passion lies in needlework, sewing, painting, pottery, cooking, gardening & desigining jewellery… I can assure you… that she will leave you spell bound with her lovely posts..

Lastly… I host a weekly wrap up party… coz I’m crazy about weekends.. and I do more at weekends than during the week… So come join in the Weekend Wrap up which is on for three days starting Monday morning….

Thank you Divs… for having me at your blog.. and thank you all for reading a little about me… Hope you hop on to Colours Dekor.. and don’t forget to say ‘hello’…..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Etsy Find: Henna Candles and Lanterns

Aren't they gorgeous?

These are from the Etsy store Hannaya (Moroccan for female professional henna artist).

Artist MaCall Scott first made these for her own wedding, and there has been no looking back. I think we are at our creative best when organizing our weddings. Remember Mora's Ritika's similar journey?

Also love these paper lanterns made from 'cloud dragon' paper from the same store.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sproost Quiz: Decorating Style

I first came across the 'Sproost Decorating Style Quiz' on Deb's India Pied A Terre blog. Curiosity got the better of me, and I just HAD to take the quiz. Here are the results!

60% Zen Style
40% French Eclectic

I would have never guessed that! 

Zen Style

Goodbye clutter, hello clean! However in Zen Style, unlike some other contemporary design, the consistent level of natural materials keep the spaces from feeling cold and sterile. Zen Style has a nice mix of rustic with chic so that there is an incredible level of ease and sophistication about the space. Plants and greenery are very important in helping achieve the warm and natural feel of the space. When at all possible, natural lighting is used in spaces to help create the openness in the space.

Have you taken the quiz as yet? If not please do! Its fun and you might just be pleasantly surprised ;)