Favourite Indian Designers

Creative India* is going through a transformation. This is my attempt to document, profile and spotlight the transformation and the talented creative folks responsible for it. 
*The phrase has been liberally used to restrict its usage to the world of 'arts' or design which is within the scope of this blog. I acknowledge that "Creative India" includes the performance arts, film, so on and so forth. 

Disclaimer: The list is not exhaustive and categorization has been made to my best judgement. Please note that this is a curated list, and is a reflection of my personal design sensibilities.

Viewing the world now through an NRI's lens, means that anything going overboard on Indianess equates to a heavy dose of nostalgia and greatly appeals to my design sensibilities. Indians living in India, forgive our need for this particular(ly colorful) version of India. 


Art by Aarohi     Happily Unmarried     Neil Dantas      Jhola Co.    Chumbak     Item Number

    SimplyCity    Indian Hippy     Dy/ Dx Art     The Big Bag Theory    Pop Goes the Art

    Masala Tee    Quirk Box      No Nasties    Kya Cheez Hai      Jayesh Sivan's Flip Flops     Tokri

Kangan Arora Design     500 B.C.     Tuesday Afternoon      Quirko Shop        FUNK.LICIOUS

Plum Chutney    22.2 accessories     Locopopo     POP-ATT     Chor Bazaar       Art Meets Fashion

   Masala Popsicles     Play Clan     Kirukk         Shor Sharaba          Nobody Else

Handmade has taken the world by storm. The diversity that is India, has spewed innumerable traditional arts and crafts over the last few centuries. With democracy> better education> a galloping economy came a surge of entrepreneurs creatively and boldly repackaging traditional India. A few of them, listed below. 

~ Artisan Made ~

Beeja     Forty Red Bangles     M.Rm.Rm. Cultural Foundation    Kara Weaves     Matsya Crafts

The Color Caravan    Kala Madhyam   Collective Craft     Saundhi Mitti     Dastakar

Dhonk Craft     Poi Doi Handicrafts    Artesania     Rajboori     E'thaan     The People's Project

 Indian Joint Family        Collective Craft       Coppre        My Mela

~ Home Decor/ Furnishings ~

Kanika Bhal's Anek Designs     Casa Omyaa      Kye       Mora Taara     Ant Design     Afday    Varnam

   Mish Mash Design    Kiran Ravilious Prints     The Green Elephant     Viya Home     Chidiya

Memories of a Butterfly     Priya Ilango     Abshar Hussain      Rajee Sood     Anu at My Dream Canvas

  Creative with Clay    Lets    Masmara     Cannanore     Neo Pundit    Earthy Goods      Baaya Design

Saffron Marigold      Pacific & Rose       Raksha Bella     elan     Artitude     Seema Krish

    Vineeta Nair's Artnlight     Workshop Q     studio a*     Attiser     Sahil & Sarthak    Fusion Roots   
~ Personal Accessories ~

Pitaraa      Rachana Reddy      Malaga     BRAG     Limited Edition     BASH

Kala Koyree     JoyStreet     Pure Ghee Design 

~ Fashion Design ~

Kokum      Yuti Shah's UDD        Example Clothing       Misha Singh's Methodorama     

 Ritika Mittal's MORA         NOMAD        

    NVY Studio     Funk for Hire     Brass Tacks      Umoya Design         Ek Karkhana

~ Jewellery Design ~

Harshi Creates     Dipika Vijay's Coyote     Benaazir's MoodSwings Jewellery

    Silveratti     Lai Jewellery      Arnav Jewellery        Karmasuthra Jewelery     Sanchali  

Nine By Thirty      Gayatri Jewellery     Fusion Roots    Avantika Design     Blue Banyan

Rasvihar     Agastya      Accede Fashion     Archiradhi Collection    Purvi Mathur's SunUp

~ Stationery ~

Kaagazi Books      Anand Prakash       Designwallas    Just Art    Riddhi Desai

Auroville Papers     Haathi Chaap    ON Kamal     ha:ppy     Bechain Nagri      61c

~ Design for Kids ~

Moti      Jamun       MUNY    One Lemon     Gnaana     Ode      Little Known Heroes

Chakra      Sama Baby      Bouton      Masala Baby     Minor Edition     Saffron Hue