Thursday, June 14, 2012

A note of thanks

I've been AWOL from SHP for a while now, to be precise- 3 months, due to various other nagging priorities. I'm grateful for those of you who have continue to write in and follow the blog during my absence. I've been unable to completely give up on blogging, despite a really hectic lifestyle, thanks to you guys. 

So, here's a very grateful- Thank You!

While I'm doling out my thank you's and counting my blessings, here's another one that is long over due. It goes out to Preethi Prabhu from Indya Kaleidoscope. Last November, while writing up the feature on Indya Kaledoscope, I had fallen in love with the cute little wine stoppers that I had featured that made me quite nostalgic. I placed an order for them, but faced difficulties in trying to place the order online. The issue was definitely at my end with my rarely used Indian credit cards than an issue with Indya Kaleidoscope's site. Despite that, Preethi being the wonderful person that she is, asked for my address in India, and mentioned that she'd get it delivered and I could just pay cash on delivery instead.

Sometime mid-April, I received an email from Preethi mentioning that she had been snowed under with setting up her new store and had forgotten to ship the wine stoppers. And that she had shipped it across now and despite my several requests, refused to accept payment for it.

Now this is what I would call excellent customer service and professionalism. 

a) Preethi changed her mode of payment as soon as I ran into some trouble buying on the site.
b) Delivered the product for free! because of delayed shipment. Please note that I hadn't followed up either, and the blame here equally rests with me. 

Preethi, thank you so much! I'm sure you (Indya Kaleidoscope) will soon go places.


Have you guys checked out her cute little store at 12th A Main, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore as yet?