Saturday, December 11, 2010

Indian Street Art: Meena Kadri

Art doesn't have to be confined to canvases, as we have already seen here on SHP. In India, it assails you in a burst of colourful advertisements hand painted on walls, temples, doors, store signs, behind trucks(look up at the SHP masthead please!), rickshaws and so goes the list. Any fan of typography would have found paradise!

Today, I bring to you one of the most gorgeous set of photos on Indian street art that I have come across in my hours of trawling Flickr.

The photographer, Meena Kadri has donned many hats. With an undergrad in anthropology and Masters in design, some of her hats have included graphic designer, creative director, teaching design across the globe- including a stint at India's prestigious NID (any of the NID grads reading this blog recollect any fond memories?) You can read more about her on her informed and interesting blog, Random Specific.

So, now for the eye candy!

Here are some more of my favourite images from her various sets on India, including the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Uttarayan Kite festival, Backview Bollywood and the Streets of India. 

I was forced to make collages to show off Meena's work, as I had SO many favourites that they wouldn't fit in a blog space. 

Please do go check out more of the uber talented Meena's work for a visual treat at her Flickr stream.

{All image credit to Meena Kadri and Meena Kadri only}


Kamini said...

Gorgeous! That third set is especially fabulous!

Anonymous said...

These really are fantastic images. I am now going to check out Meena's blog.

Anonymous said...

These images are wonderful! I am now going to check out Meena's blog.

Rekha said...

Lovely post as always, Divya..loved the collage too.

Designwali said...

stunning images!

Sans! said...

Your collages are works of art themselves!

padmaja said...

Loved the diversity in these exotic images, great introduction Divya!

The Cute Corner House said...

Hi Divya,

Wonderful blog you have..I am following you :-)